Custom Application Development Capabilities

Boost your development with a proven custom application development partner.

From idea to delivery:

We have the expertise to make your custom app idea a reality.

Software Planning & Design Capabilities

Software Release Planning

Translate your vision into an estimatable and actionable software release plan including user stories, wireframes, design style guides, software architecture, and technology stack.

UI/UX Designing

Modern software places user experience as a goal equal to the functionality that delivers value for users. CodeStringers can help ensure that your software application is intuitive and delightful to use.

Software Architecture

Monolith or micro-service. Relational database schema. NoSQL database design. Application programming interface (API) protocols. Software architecture impacts performance, scalability, and manageabilty. Trust CodeStringers technology team to make sure your architecture is future-proofed.

Technology Selection

Many factors impact the selection of technologies for your software product. Performance and scalability. Development Code maintenance. Infrastructure (hosting) costs. Security. Getting it right makes all the difference and CodeStringers can help you avoid future rework.

Software Development & Engineering Capabilities

Custom Software Development

Develop custom software products including frontend web applications, mobile applications and backend technology, databases and services to achieve your business objectives.

AI, ML & Data Science

CodeStringers can help you harness the power of AI and ML to improve your user experiences, exploit the value of data, analyse unstructured data to identify potential relationships, and more.

Web App Development

Open-source technologies. Microsoft technologies. Responsive. Adaptive. Minimum viable products. Mature products. We’ve got it covered.

Mobile App Development

Develop mobile applications to as standalone games or tools or as interfaces to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.

MVP Development

Build your minimum viable product inorder to establish product-market fit, gather early adopter feedback, and rapidly iterate your software.

Backend Development

SQL and NoSQL database design. Microservices architectures. Multi-tenant enterprise applications and consumer applications.

Software Quality Assurance & Control Capabilities

Quality Assurance & Testing

Ensure you release the highest quality software by integrating manual and automated testing into your development process and teams.

Test Automation

Decrease testing time and increase code coverage by developing automation scripts to complete system and regression testing.

Software Operations & Management Capabilities


Set development/code quality standards and ensure they are met. Manage source code and change control processes. Create and manage release documentation..

Cloud / Hosting Operations

Configure and manage production hosting environments and ensure they address performance, scaling, and availability requirements and service level agreements (SLA).

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